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Monsters of Waco 2020

Everybody who’s anybody in the world of cryptozoology knows the name Scary O’Ghouligan — they know that nobody hunts monsters with more intensity (or success) than Scary...

When Scary went missing, the cryptozoologist community was shook to discover it was YOUR monster hunting squad that was designated to receive Scary’s secret files — suddenly a bunch of nobodies are somebodies.

Gathered around a desk in your office, the team reads aloud Scary’s mysterious cover letter and learns you’ve been commissioned to hunt Monster 11, a creature known only to Scary O’Ghouligan himself.

If you are able to solve your way through Scary’s monster manifest, discovering the elusive tombstones of the Terrifying Ten, then perhaps you’ll have what it takes to unearth...

Monster 11.


Event will be hosted at Waco Escape Rooms.

711 Washington Ave Waco, TX 76701

October 24th from 6pm - 9pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it?

A: $31 per ticket.

Q: What is the time frame of the event?

A: October 24th from 6pm - 9pm.

Event will be hosted at Waco Escape Rooms.

711 Washington Ave Waco, TX 76701

Q: How many players per team?

A: Teams can be as large or as small as you would like.

We recommend being able to fit in one vehicle so you can truly work all together in the collaborative effort, but we understand that may not be possible. If you decide to have a larger team, make sure you are able to communicate often with other teammates in different vehicles.

Q: How soon do we need to register?

A: Tickets are selling fast. Book as soon as possible because we are expecting a sell out.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Much like theatre or concerts, there are no cancellations or refunds. We can transfer your booking to another person if needed.

Q: What do we need to bring the day of event?

A: Each participant will need to bring a valid ID.

Q: Will there be driving involved?

A: Yes, there will be a mixture of driving and walking portions of the game throughout the city.

Q: Is this a family friendly event?

A: Absolutely! We encourage families to play together. All of the puzzles and places are kid friendly.

Q: Will we need to sign a waiver?

A: Each participant will be required to sign a waiver at registration. All players must be present with I.D. at registration.

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